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Christmas Candy from the Crockpot

Would you like a little boost to your Christmas baking? Here is a recipe that will mostly take care of itself. Purchase the ingredients at the grocery, layer in the crockpot, and with minimal effort, you are ready to go.

Christmas Candy from the Crockpot


1 16 oz. jar unsalted peanuts

1 16 oz. jar salted peanuts

1 12 oz. package semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 12 oz. package milk chocolate chips

2 10 oz. packages peanut butter chips

2 1 lb. packages white bark 


Grease the inside of the crockpot.

Layer all ingredients in the crockpot, beginning with the peanuts.

Turn the crockpot on low and cover with the lid.

Leave for 2 hours.

Remove the lid and stir to combine all the ingredients.

Replace the lid, turn off the heat, allow contents to rest for 30 minutes.

Stir again.

Then, using a large spoon, transfer the mixture onto wax paper in individual portions.

Allow to harden for 1 hour.

Store in large container of choice. 

Caution: If your crockpot is like mine, and gets very hot, I suggest checking before the 2 hour mark to prevent the bottom layer of peanuts from burning.


Question: What is your favorite item to bake for the Christmas season?