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Sweet Potato Soufflé Recipe

Much more than a recipe - a memory

Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and so was a proposal. But I did not know that! Desperately in love with a Mississippi State football player two years my junior and 242 miles away, I counted the days until we shared the holiday. It was 1972. He brought a request; I brought a recipe – both have stood the test of time. The recipe follows, with my adaptations.

                                                     Sweet Potato Soufflé 
2 cups baked and mashed sweet potatoes (I recommend 6 potatoes)
½ stick butter (1 stick)
1 c. white sugar
5 oz. can of Carnation evaporated milk
2 eggs (I suggest 4)
½ t. nutmeg
½ t. cinnamon (I use 1t.)
1 t. vanilla (I prefer 1 T.)
1 t. imitation butter flavoring
¼ t. salt 

¾ c. crushed cornflakes
½ c. chopped pecans (3/4 c.)
½ c. light brown sugar
½ stick melted butter

Instructions Part 1:
Bake and mash the sweet potatoes. 
Push through a strainer to remove any lumps. 
Add butter and butter flavoring to warm potatoes.
Stir in canned milk.
Separately, add spices and salt to the sugar. Stir.
Beat eggs and add to sugar mixture. Mix.
Combine all ingredients, and mix well with a mixer. 
Spoon into a greased 9x11 casserole dish.

Instructions Part 2:
Combine topping ingredients of light brown sugar, cornflakes, pecans, and butter. Mix well with a fork. 
Sprinkle topping over sweet potato dish. 
Bake 30 minutes at 350-400 degrees. 
Check and cover with foil if topping is getting too brown. 
Extend cooking, if necessary, until heated through. 

Make ahead and freeze without the topping. In this case, add the topping at time of baking.
Your guests just might consider this a dessert.

I am grateful to Laurie Lorenzen for making this recipe available to me in 1972, my first year on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Question: Will you please let me know if this recipe sets the stage for a proposal?