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What Did My Daughter's Wedding Teach Me About Christmas?

You are really busy, right? With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and Christmas around the corner, I want to offer a suggestion. Necessity birthed my discovery, and here it is:

Invite the Holy Spirit to be your Event Coordinator

Our daughter's engagement brought great joy. She and Matt were in their 30’s, and both wondered if they would ever find each other. Mutual friends attempted for five years to get them together, but human attempts failed.

Finally, and     in     God’s     timing,
They met, fell in love, became engaged, and were ready (!) to get married. 


The logistics looked like a UPS commercial minus the music. Grace lived in Kansas City, Matt lived in Albuquerque, we lived in Cincinnati, and the wedding would be in Denver. Agree with me - that configuration of geography is enough to send any MOB (mother of the bride) to bed with a headache. 

But I was entirely too happy to have a headache! Even so, I could not erase reality. In the face of this conundrum, our wonderful Lord brought to mind His wonderful wisdom: 

Invite the Holy Spirit to be your Event Coordinator

Yes! What a marvelous idea! Quietly, but deliberately, I invited the Holy Spirit to completely take control, to do what only He could do, to make this the wedding of our daughter’s dreams. Practically, this meant all decisions would go through Him; all dilemmas would be delegated to Him. 

The change was supernatural. 
With that prayer, I relaxed and set about the business of doing everything I could to be a great team player. His succinct guidance replaced my random effort; His wisdom replaced my worry. As I daily donned my headset and interviewed countless vendors thousands of miles away, He guided me, one by one, to His choicest people for our celebration. 

The outcome was supernatural.
Early morning of the wedding, standing in my robe, clutching my mug of coffee, I wept. I could not help myself. Sunshine poured through our small window, and sunshine poured over my soul. Gratitude enveloped my whole being. This was our daughter’s wedding day, and it held promise of being perfect, not because of me, but because of our Event Coordinator.

So there you have it, my suggestion for your December. 

Invite the Holy Spirit to be your Event Coordinator

Colossians 1: 9 pulls this all together: 
Asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding…

Question: What action do you need to take to engage the Holy Spirit as your Event Coordinator for the holidays?