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I think you will like this.

ZAP!  Grab the remote and click.


It started with the Magic Light Wand.
Remember when you were the last one to bed on Christmas Eve, and you were expected to turn off all the lights? If so, you probably found yourself crawling around the packages and under the limbs in search of the small switch needed to turn off the Christmas tree lights. Well, my commando crawl ended when we were given a Magic Light Wand. 

Magic Light Wand developed by a family in Memphis, Tennessee, is a cheerful, effortless way to magically wave a wand and turn on or turn off the lights on a tree. What appears to be fun is actually very practical.

When the holidays ended and our Magic Light Wand was put away with the Christmas decorations, our daughter went on a search. Why did the technology have to end with the end-of-the-year celebrations? Her research uncovered for us the year round version. It is called ZAP

ZAP is a remote outlet switch which allows you to turn on all the lamps in your room with a simple click. It’s self described features are

Point. Click. Power.  


  • Hard to reach switches are no longer challenging
  • Cranky lampshades do not need to be disturbed
  • Dark rooms cease to be intimidating
  • In fact, Larry can turn off my lamp if I am reading too late
  • I can turn it right back on again to finish my chapter
  • All with the click of ZAP

Game Plan:

  1. Order from Amazon 
  2. Choose the version best suited for your room, a one remote version or a two remote version
  3. Install the accompanying battery inside the remote
  4. Read the simple instructions; have the booklet in your hand and follow step by step
  5. Click                                                                                                                                           

My first ZAP was so successful that I reordered again….and then again. Now, for the fourth time, I am ready to place an order. Why? The switch on my tall desk lamp situated atop my roll top desk is always a challenge to stretch and reach. A single remote version ZAP is needed to eliminate this clumsy maneuver.

Truth in advertising; I do not get a commission. I do not offer guarantees. However, I do believe you and your household will be delighted with the simple convenience that comes from this innovative device. 

ZAP! Grab the remote and click.