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Two Secrets for Success

Life has taught me two secrets for success. These secrets work hand in hand, and happen almost simultaneously. I do not always get it right, but when I do, the day is definitely different. 

Secret Number 1:                                                                             Morning moments are disproportionately potent.

The first nanoseconds of wakefulness set the tone and trajectory for my entire day. This tentative, fragile, sensitive, vulnerable zone is pivotal. Mentally managing these moments is a secret of success.

Secret Number 2:                                                                             Gratitude is the game changer.

Armed with intentionality, I must choose to take ownership of my attitude, and direct the needle of my internal compass towards gratefulness. My Daily Doxology is one deliberate step I have learned to take. Before Facebook, before text and Twitter, before ESPN - even before my devotions - it is essential for me to articulate to God that I am grateful. It is not complicated, but it is clear. My roadmap for Right Direction goes like this:

Thank You that the sun came up
Thank you for the seasons
Thank You for my Savior
Thank You that my sins are forgiven
Thank You for the Spirit that lives within
Thank You for sanctification
Thank You that I am set free from my sins
Thank You that I am a sojourner                                                                                               Thank You for a supernatural marriage
Thank You for sweet family relationships
Thank You for significant friendships
Thank You for a the Scriptures
Thank You that Springs of Living Water flow from my innermost being
Thank You that my eternal destiny is secure
Thank You for a set apart purpose in life
Thank You for supporters and their faithfulness
Thank You that You are Sovereign
Thank You for the joy of starting new endeavors
Thank You for Small Groups, places to connect
Thank You for such adorable grandchildren

Thank You!
             Thank You!
                          Thank You!

It comes as no surprise, grateful people are happy people. The descriptive message from Psalm 68:3 is to die for! “May the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.” These words are framed and sit front and center in the foyer of our home. But these words do not come into being by accident or osmosis. These words come into being by intentionally managing the morning.

Living With Eternal Intentionality®

This is my morning's beginning; please tell me about yours.

Which aspect of your routine needs improving?

Which component is strong and consistent?

“Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days” (Psalm 90:14).