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How to Make Iced Tea

How to Make Iced Tea

You do not have to be from the South to like ice tea. However, it helps to be from the South to know how to make it. In this blistering hot weather, the beverage of choice needs to be ready and available to refresh. There are as many tea recipes as there are varieties of teas. My favorite method does not take long, but the procedure is important. And note, it can be made and enjoyed anywhere on the globe.

 Secrets to be shared:

Always start with a pretty pitcher

Add sugar to warm, not cold, tea

Only cut lemons into wedges


Select a favorite heat-resistant pitcher that will hold 8-10 cups of water

Fill the pitcher with 6 cups of hot water from the tap

Place 2-3 family size Lipton tea bags in the pitcher (regular or decaf)

Put in the microwave on high for 5 minutes (do not boil)

Remove and cover the pitcher with aluminum foil

Let steep for 5 minutes

Remove the tea bags

Add 2 cups of cold water

Serve over abundant ice cubes



 Sweet Tea

Select a 2 cup measuring cup and fill with 1 cup of water

Add 1 cup of sugar and stir

Microwave until the mixture is warm

Remove and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved

Add to the above tea mixture


Cut a lemon into 8 even wedges. Do not slice. Sliced lemons do not go with ice tea.