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Want to Know a Secret?

                                                                            Because you asked...

                                                                            Because you asked...

Labor Day is here. For your last summer gathering, I want to share a secret with you: Gammy's Banana Pudding recipe. After I posted a picture of this dessert on Facebook for the 4th of July, requests began to come in, asking that I share the recipe. Now is the perfect time.

Gammy's Banana Pudding has a reputation. It has been served at wedding receptions, family reunions, potlucks, and pool parties for as long as I can remember. Why, my nephew Louis even made it for his Major League Baseball team when he was with the Kansas City Royals. Now that he is with the Dodger's, he gave it to the team chefs to make. "They whipped it up to perfection," (Louis), and the Menu for the Day read: Gammy's Banana Pudding

That's not all. Just recently, my daughter Grace, with a pregnancy craving, phoned my Mother, Gammy, for the recipe. Patiently, step-by-step, over the phone, Grandmother coached Granddaughter in the finer nuances of making Gammy's Banana Pudding.  

So you see, one generation after another loves this culinary creation. For us, it meets needs on many different levels as it soothes, satisfies, encourages and delights. And since we don't want to be selfish, I requested and received permission to share this with you. Blessings from our family!

Remember: this is a make-a-memory recipe. Like many memory makers, this is not fast, and it can’t be made the day before. There are no shortcuts. The finished product is delicious, but will need focus and effort. So, put on your apron, get out your prep bowls, and select your serving dish. Have heavy boiler, wire whisk, and wooden spoon handy. Are you ready? Here we go!

Gammy’s Banana Pudding


6 bananas
4 c. whole milk
4 eggs
1 ¼ c. sugar
1 ½ T. cornstarch
2 T. vanilla
1 stick of butter
Pinch of salt
1 ½ box of Vanilla Wafers (Nabisco, original)


Step 1
Stir cornstarch into the sugar.
Add salt.
In a separate bowl, beat the eggs.
Pour dry mixture on top of the eggs; beat by hand, removing lumps.

Step 2
Heat the milk slowly on low, but do not boil. 
When a skim should forms on the surface, remove from heat.
Remove half of the warm milk from the stove and slowly pour this ½ of the warm milk into the egg mixture, stirring as you pour. 
Pour the combined milk and egg mixture slowly back into the original milk.
Place the complete mixture back on the stove. 

Step 3
Stir forever, nonstop. A low to low-medium heat is all this can take.
When the mixture thickens, you will have a rich custard. 
Remove from the heat and stir in vanilla and butter. 
If there are lumps, don’t panic, but do get rid of them. Pour the entire mixture through a strainer. You want to achieve the texture of silk.

Hint: One of my pleasures is dipping vanilla wafers from the box into this mixture before I proceed. Invite others to join you. 

Step 4
Layer into your favorite bowl, round or rectangle
Layer whole vanilla wafers first
Add a sliced banana
Add a layer of custard
Repeat once or twice, depending on the size of your bowl
Always ending with vanilla wafers on top
Keep in a cool place and serve soon, to avoid refrigeration


To bring joy to you and those you love. Rarely do we have leftovers, but if so, be sure to refrigerate. 

I am eager to hear from you on your culinary foray into the world of homemade Gammy's Banana Pudding. When I share a recipe, I have only one request: will you please pray for me when you make this? Thank you!