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My Ten Favorite Books and Why

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It changed my life!

Say BOOK and you immediately have my attention. Books play a valuable role in my life, and there are some, in my own personal journey, which are both classics and antiques. As classics, they have stood the test of time; as antiques, they have grown more beautiful with age.

Such a list is unique to the one creating it, and is directly customized to the needs of the soul it represents. These books are like my intimate circle of friends. My hunger for growth and my need for transformation led to these volumes becoming treasures to me. Occasionally, this collection expands to allow another title to be added.

What criteria were required to make this list? 

  • Books which are nonfiction teaching on how to live the Christian life.
  • Books, that when I closed the back cover, made me say, Wow.
  • Books I return to over and over and over again; they just keep on giving.
  • Books that I love to give to others.

The Bible

“Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.…Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:89,105). 

Blueprint for Revolution

This copy of the New Testament inspired me to pursue a revolution within myself and commit my entire life to The Greatest Revolutionary who ever lived.

Come Help Change the World, Bill Bright

Reading this book as a junior at Mississippi State University changed the entire trajectory of my life; I heard the clarion call for the Great Commission and have never since been the same.

Master Plan of Evangelism, Robert Coleman

Within these pages, Christ’s life is studied as the model for effective evangelism. How did Jesus accomplish that to which I wanted to commit my life?

Faith is not a Feeling, Ney Bailey

Knowing the author further endears this volume to me. "Taking God at His Word" practically jumps off the page as a recurring theme.

His Word in My Heart, Janet Pope

I often tell people, "This book—I promise—will change your life." Janet motivates the reader to memorize sequential verses in context (rather than scattered verses), thus trading one's own thoughts for God's thoughts.

Between Walden and the Whirlwind, Jean Fleming

As a busy mother, I found clarity of direction in a season of ongoing chaos. This practical teaching made so much sense, and it positively contributed to how I did life in our own whirlwind. It worked.

When You’re Tired of Treating the Symptoms and You’re Ready for a Cure, Give Me a Call, Henry Brandt

With an emphasis on the filling of the Holy Spirit, this book raised the bar for practical application of the Word of God (for me, that is).

A Touch of His Freedom, Charles Stanley

Indeed, “The truth will set you free” (John 8:32). Of all people, Charles Stanley made one of the single most significant contributions—through his writings—to my life and tenure in missions. (I wish he could know that.)

The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, Hannah Whitall Smith

This favorite for many earned a place on my list. Themes of abiding rest and continual victory permeate this author’s teaching.

They Found the Secret, V. Raymond Edman

Here is the testimony of twenty individuals who each discovered the same secret, “the exchanged life”.

Ok, my list of ten expands to eleven in order to create a rightful place for:

No Magic Formula, LeRoy Eims

This Marine and missionary makes it clear that the Christian life is a battle. His writing opened new vistas for me to realize that spiritual victory is my rightful inheritance in Christ, and that worship is a way of life.

Another day's list will incorporate Pilgrim's Progress and What is a Family, but for now I stop.


Living With Eternal Intentionality

While our lists will differ, I would enjoy hearing from you. What books have made a difference in you walk with Jesus, and why?