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Weariness Is Wearing Me Out!

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Weariness nears epidemic status in today’s world. Everywhere I go I meet people who are running on empty. Rarely do I meet an individual who says, “Wow! I feel great!”

I am certainly no icon of physical fitness or robust health, but I have learned that life is best lived rested. Too much, too long, too hard are generally signs that we need to recalibrate. Though weariness cannot be avoided—that would constitute a wrong goal—all weariness does not fit into the same category.

Let me explain.

Healthy Reasons for Weariness:

Seeing a challenging job completed with excellence

Staying up several nights in a row night with a teething baby

Investing in the tumultuous life of a teen

Helping a grade school child follow through with a complicated assignment

Concluding a community, church or ministry project

Extending hospitality for a lengthy season to guests in one’s home

Unhealthy Reasons for Weariness:

Saying ‘yes’ when I should say ‘no’

Habitually watching a device too long in the evening

Chatting glibly on social media

Reading a book or magazine past bedtime

Agreeing to guilt commitments that drain the lifeblood from my valid commitments

Neglecting physical exercise

Living with unresolved conflict with one’s spouse

Making a mental diet of a problematic situation or relationship

Three simple suggestions one can implement today which have potential to turn weariness around:

Spend time with Jesus:

“Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). This sounds like a spiritual spa experience, but too often we overlook the supernatural power of consistently spending time alone in His Presence. To stand under the waterfall of His grace works wonders even when nothing else in life changes.

Spend time outside:

Fresh air is a gift to our psyche and it is nearby, uncomplicated, and economical. Don't overthink this; just spend time outdoors for refreshment.

Spend time under the covers:

A good night’s sleep is always at the top of the list. Go to bed earlier than usual for several nights in a row, and tell weariness to take a hike.

 Living With Eternal Intentionality

Where in your life are your experiencing a healthy reason for weariness?

Likewise, where in your life do you discern an unhealthy reason for weariness?

What one step forward is needed for both situations?

Jesus says, “I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly, that it might be full and meaningful” (John 10:10). How does this take weariness into account?