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Beth DeVries’ unusual talent sets her artistic creations apart with a rare distinction. The first time I strolled through her exhibition in Denver, I knew God had gifted her beyond measure. So, for Larry’s 60th birthday a few years ago, I commissioned Beth to create a boat on water using the beautiful words from Valley of Vision, Voyage.

By looking closely, you can see how Beth painted the words from the prayer across the billowing sails.

By looking closely, you can see how Beth painted the words from the prayer across the billowing sails.

O Lord of the oceans,

My little bark sails on a restless sea,

Grant that Jesus may sit at the helm and steer me safely;

Suffer no adverse currents to divert my heavenward course;

Let not my faith be wrecked amid storms and shoals;

Bring me to harbour with flying pennants, hull unbreached, cargo unspoiled.

I ask great things, expect great things, shall receive great things.

I venture on thee wholly, fully, my wind, sunshine, anchor, defense.

The voyage is long, the waves high, the storms pitiless, but my helm is held steady, thy Word secures safe passage, thy grace wafts me onward, my heaven is guaranteed.

This day will bring me nearer home,

Grant me holy consistency in every transaction, my peace flowing as a running tide, my righteousness as every chasing wave.

Help me to live circumspectly, with skill to convert every care into prayer,

Halo my path with gentleness and love; smooth every asperity of temper;

let me not forget how easy it is to occasion grief; may I strive to bind up every wound, and pour oil on all troubled waters.

May the world this day be happier and better because I live.

Let my mast before me be the Saviour’s cross, and every oncoming wave the fountain in his side.

Help me; protect me in the moving sea until I reach the shore of unceasing praise.

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What is your favorite line from this prayer? Why do you find it meaningful?

How, perhaps, do the Words of Psalm 107:23-30 relate?

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