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3 #'s for Productivity


Productivity commands a high priority in our overcrowded lives. None of us is lazy, and yet too often, productivity eludes us. And, we feel like the math is against us—execute more, accomplish more, produce more, volunteer more. More, more, more, with less, less, less time … If you find yourself struggling at the end of the day to come up for air read on.

Three of my favorite hacks offer a simple pathway forward, and promise to bolster productivity.


This simple card looks like a dinosaur in today’s sophisticated society. However, such an uncomplicated method of making a list gives clarity and removes the cumbersome. A few simple guidelines work:

• Pray for God’s wisdom

• Itemize, starting with the must-do category

• Move to the want-to-do category


At the end of the day, thank God for the accomplishments, and celebrate. A celebration includes checking off the items completed and tossing the used card into the trash. Then, a fresh white card and a new list prepare one for the next day.

Levenger produces a lovely leather purse-pocket briefcase which holds these time-tested cards and offers professionalism to the procedure. With careful watch, you can purchase one on sale.


My phone is a companion I treat with respect, but honestly, it holds the power to be a gargantuan distraction. When my productivity is at risk, a disciplined plan is needed.



Silence beeps, buzzes, and bulletins (even ESPN sports scores, Debby)

Strategically place the device in a different room or desk drawer

Send calls to voicemail, and courteously check at appropriate intervals

Use the do not disturb setting to allow incoming calls for family needs


Focus on the task at hand. Modern thought entices us to believe that multitasking is the way (only way?) to operate. But it is not efficient. Not all that gets done, gets done well when too many fires simultaneous mandate our attention.


An intriguing insight describes the late Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A: “Truett has a tremendous ability to focus. He is not easily distracted. It doesn’t matter what it is … He focuses on whatever he’s thinking about.”*

S. Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant in 1946. One restaurant and one idea led to the nearly 3 billion dollar sales in today’s nationwide restaurants.

#ThankyouMrCathy. Thank you for demonstrating the powerful potential for a fixed focus.

Living With Eternal Intentionality®

Teach us to number our days and present a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12).

1. How do you access your current level of productivity?

2. Which of the 3 #’s offers encouragement to you?

3. What is your most valuable # for productivity to share with other readers?

* Note: How Did You Do It, Truett? p. 14, Jimmy Collins