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Pull Over! Right Now, Pull Over!

Pull over! Right now, pull over. Larry, pull over!

With tears forming faster than my words, I stared—stunned and breathless—out my passenger window. Could this possibly be happening?

Questions exploded like fireworks within me. Is this for real? How did I not even know? (Minor detail!) Why, just the day before I prayed, “God, please surprise me with this book.” Now the answer to that prayer stared back at me.

My shocked husband (still unaware of the discovery) responded with lightning speed to take the fast approaching interstate exit 163. He maneuvered our vehicle, and I maneuvered my phone screen.


Shaking, my index finger swiped right to left and revealed an image I never dreamed possible. Tentatively, I touched the prompt, and a brand new world opened for the book God and I wrote. Right before my eyes, on Audible.com, The Leader’s Wife, Living With Eternal Intentionality® made its debut onto the audiobook stage.

Unannounced … unexpected … out of nowhere. Feverishly, I held up the screen to share this revelation with Larry. He confirmed the truth. I was ecstatic.

After celebrating with Subway Meal Deals complete with chocolate chip cookies, we returned to the interstate and continued our journey. Unexplainable joy sat between the two of us.

Now, I share with you in a much calmer fashion, the same joyful news. My publisher, Ambassador International, recently released an audio version of The Leader’s Wife, Living With Eternal Intentionality®.

Why is this significant?

The audio version instantly broadens the horizon of this resource, and makes the content exponentially more available to an increasing number of women. So, please join me in praising God for enlarging the borders of this book with a mission. And … I invite you to have a listen at Audible.com.

Living With Eternal Intentionality®

“Not to us, Lord, not to us but to You be the glory … (Psalm 115:1).”