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A Dozen Ideas for Welcoming Fall


Standing on my screen porch leaves me no room for denial: Fall is here. The leaves are changing and the slant of the sun is altered. A sigh accompanies me as I reach for the afghan and sit down to snuggle up with my coffee.

But wait a minute! As I access my attitude, I remember that change invigorates me, so I have every reason to anticipate a fall season filled with joy and excitement. Six family birthdays dot my calendar, a reunion of like-minded friends awaits me, and the opportunity to reconvene with my growth group beckons.

Granted, not everyone shares my enthusiasm. Sometimes a mist of melancholy marks the move to autumn. If you find it hard to release summer (or even if you welcome the change) perhaps these ideas will encourage you as we, along with the calendar, make the transition:

1. Hang a multicolored fall wreath on your front door.

2. Go apple picking with a group of friends and invite internationals to join you on this all- American outing.

3. Do a word study from the Scriptures on the seasons of life.

4. Purchase Aspen Mulling Spices for your hot cider.

5. Take a day alone with the Lord and thank Him for His blessings this past summer.

6. Watch the football movie, Remember The Titans.

7. Consider, as the foliage changes, if there is one personal change you would like to make – in routine, in reading, or perhaps in reaching out to a neighbor.

8. Pull out tasty fall recipes. (i.e. apple pie, morning glory muffins, football chili, or my son-in-law’s yummy pumpkin pancakes from New Hope Mills)

9. Walk down nostalgia lane, and recall your first day of 1st grade. Then, jot a note to reconnect with a former classmate.

10. Visit a pumpkin farm with a group of children. Be bold and try the corn maze.

11. Look over the opportunities starting up at your church and ask yourself, “Has God carved out a space for me in a group, on a committee, or with a volunteer project?”

12. Treat yourself to a bouquet of fall flowers, and each time you look at them pray, “God, thank you for this season of fall.”

Bonus Idea: Remember! Starbucks serves their pumpkin cream cheese muffins only at this time of year. Meet a friend for coffee and celebrate friendship this fall day.

Living With Eternal Intentionality®

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

What do you look forward to with the coming of fall?

What do you find difficult?

Of the Dozen Ideas for Welcoming Fall, which would you like to consider for yourself?

Please join the conversation and share your own idea. Your thoughts bring a rich contribution to the discussion.