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3. We Went Through Fire and Water

But You led us to a place of abundance. (Psalm 66:12)

A baby nursery in Warsaw, Poland was the setting for my amazing encounter with God. “God, You are doing so many amazing things, and yet no one even knows!”

This prayer stands against a backdrop of personal and holy history. The time has come to part the curtains and share the history with you.

It was June 1979, and I was alone with our eight-week-old infant in the tiny yellow room set apart as our baby nursery. The memory is so real; I can still visualize the pastel border around the top. The yellow crib, the yellow quilted blanket chest, the yellow dresser, and a highly valued rocking chair filled the limited space. A yellow quilted bedspread purchased in a communist store hung as a somewhat-attractive curtain for the single window. A piece of plywood stood on the floor. Each evening this large board was inserted into the window to block out the bright light that came with summer sunrises. 

My family was at the park on this warm June afternoon, and I was alone with our little baby. In the quietness, I found myself pondering the inevitable result of working as a missionary in a closed country. As covert missionaries with a code of silence, there could be no bells and whistles, no newsletters, no phone calls to missions committees back home. It was imperative for everything to be done undercover and under silence. 

Here in this simple baby nursery something remarkable took place. I stood at the changing table praying, and pouring out my heart to The Lord. “God, You are doing so many amazing things, and yet no one even knows!  We can’t even talk about it! We can’t tell the great and mighty miracles that You are allowing us to see.” 

I will never forget what happened next.  God spoke to my heart with these powerful words: “Debby, you do what I have called you to do today; you take care of this little baby. And one day, the day will come when you can tell My Story.”  

That ‘one day’ has come. The day He promised in 1979 is now here in 2015. Stories I’ve carried for decades in a precious place deep within in my heart are waiting to be told.

I want to tell you of The Soldier on the Train, The Need for an Antibiotic, and Seeing My Mother in the Hands of the Communists. I want to tell you what it was like to give birth in a communist hospital, A View from a Gurney. Somewhere along the way, I want to tell you the story of The Moscow Circus. These, and many more, are simply personal vignettes that put God's incredible faithfulness on display. Yes, the day has finally come to tell His Story. The theme will forever be:

“We went through fire and water, but You led us to a place of abundance.” (Psalm 66:12)