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Who is Michele?

Growth is an extraordinarily high value to me.

When I discover an enriching resource, I want to share it with you. Today, this is Michael Hyatt's interview with Michele Cushatt who says, "Nobody wants to talk about suffering, but it is invaluable." 

Michele is author of Undone, A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life. On today's podcast with Michael Hyatt, "Lessons Learned in the Crucible of Suffering," she shares how she has managed to come to grips with a third diagnosis of cancer.  Her statement, "Death would have been far easier than life," is just one perspective of her story. Here she communicates her life-changing message: the unexpected is unavoidable, suffering is invaluable, if you do not resent or resist, and the reward is incomparable. 

To listen to the complete interview, go to: Michaelhyatt.com/Season 6-episode -01