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God Enjoyed

Resources enrich our lives. One of my favorites is a classic, The Valley of Vision.

My introduction to The Valley of Vision came, perhaps, a decade ago. I participated in a church service where the corporate worship included a prayer from this collection of Puritan Prayers. Since, that service, this small leather volume, whose title comes from Isaiah 22:1, has been a personal devotional treasure.

I like John Piper’s description:                                                                                                        The The Valley of Vision is a collection of Puritan prayers…they are thoughtful, reflective, and meditative. They’re even written in a certain kind of cadence…, which is probably very intentional, so that they might be used in corporate settings. But they came out of a deep heart of communion with God.


D. A. Carson says,                                                                                                                          The prayers in The Valley of Vision are steeped in Scripture, yet never succumb to mere formula. They are theologically fresh and vibrant, yet they are rooted in confessionalism. They range over a huge sweep of Christian experience and devotion, but they are never merely esoteric or cute. They brim with deep emotion and transparent passion, but they carefully avoid mere sentimentalism. This is a book that teaches readers to pray by example.

God Enjoyed

Thou Incomprehensible But Prayer-Hearing GOD,

Known, but beyond knowledge, revealed, but unrevealed, my wants and welfare draw me to thee, for thou hast never said, “Seek ye me in vain’.

To thee I come in my difficulties, necessities, distresses;

possess me with thyself,

  with a spirit of grace and supplication,

  with a prayerful attitude of mind,

  with access into warmth of fellowship,

so that in the ordinary concerns of life my thoughts and desires may rise to thee,

and in habitual devotion I may find a resource

  that will soothe my sorrows,

  sanctify my successes,

  and qualify me in all ways for dealings

  with my fellow men.

I bless thee that thou hast made me capable

  of knowing thee, the author of all being,

  0f resembling thee, the perfection of all excellency,

  of enjoying thee, the source of all happiness.

O God, attend me in every part of my arduous

  and trying pilgrimage;

I need the same counsel, defense, comfort

  I found at my beginning.

Let my religion be more obvious to my conscience,

  more perceptible to those around.

While Jesus is representing me in heaven,

  may I reflect him on earth,

While he pleads my cause, may I show forth his praise.

Continue the gentleness of thy goodness towards me,

And whether I wake of sleep, let thy presence go with me,

  thy blessing attend me.

Thou hast led me on and I have found thy promises true,

I have been sorrowful, but thou hast been my help,

  fearful, but thou hast delivered me,

 despairing, but thou hast lifted me up.

Thy vows are ever upon me,

And I praise thee, O God.

Did you find this prayer enriching and worshipful? Such a feast awaits you in an entire volume, Valley of Vision, edited by Arthur Bennett and published by Banner of Trust.

Living with Eternal Intentionality: What spiritual resource, besides The Scriptures, has God used to enrich your walk with Him?