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The Sacred Space of Grandmothering

Earlier, I shared a blog post titled Why I love Being a Grandmother. Since then, after more musings, I have added to the list. Please join me as I consider further the sacred space of grandmothering.

Revisit the Fun:

In being a Grandmother, one gets to revisit the delightful places of childhood – the places that pass by much too quickly with one's own children the first time around. The games (endless hours of Monopoly), the toys (Madame Alexander Dolls with plenty of life left within them), the Legos, and the books – oh the books! Dr. Seuss and Richard Scary still bring giggles, not to mention the intrigue of audiobook books like The Tale of Peter Rabbit with that rascal of a rabbit and his timeless shenanigans.

Release the Seriousness:

"Gammy, I really have to tell you something. Your caramel cake is just not good. It needs some work." (She is right.)

Yes indeed; you may certainly order the large size milkshake instead of the small size.

Wade in the stream? Sure thing! Just remove your shoes so we don’t get in trouble with Mom.

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Relive the Memories:

When I was a little girl….

How many times am I tempted to go there? Guarding against overdose, I do love to share my personal story with them.

For instance,

When I was a little girl, Great Gammy French braided my hair, too.

When I was a little girl, I took ballet and tap lessons, just like you.

When I was a little girl, we had no seatbelts; now buckle yourself in.

When I was a little girl, my favorite food to order in a restaurant was a grilled cheese sandwich. 

When I was a little girl, we did not go to the doctor's office for our immunizations. The nurse came to school and gave them to us. One time I had a reaction, and my Mother came to class and took me home.

Reset the Priorities:

It is bedtime, but let’s go outside and catch fireflies!

Yes, you have permission to read for a little bit longer.

Relax the Rules:

Why of course, you can have brownies for breakfast; why not?


Choose what you would like for lunch; do you want mac and cheese or do you want cereal? Cereal? Then cereal it will be.

Relish the joy of God’s grace:

The sacred space of grandparenting highlights God’s amazing demonstration of His grace - His pure unmerited favor. In the pursuit of parenting, none of us gets it just right the first time around. To be given another go is splendid. Do you agree?

Living with Eternal Intentionality: I want to learn from you. What do you love about being a grandparent? (Or what did you love about your own grandparent?)