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What If I Told You Your Morning Matters?

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The delicious sunshine drew me outdoors for an afternoon walk. Upon returning, as per habit, I retrieved the mail. A fascinating article in a magazine I received contained several insights, and I want to share the findings with you.

From a previous post, The Making of a Morning, you are already aware that I place high priority on mornings. Manage your morning and you will manage your day stays with me as I march from one decade to another, because I believe mornings are disproportionately important in giving meaning to one’s life.

Thus, after mulching over three of the seventeen highlights in this REAL SIMPLE April 2018 Remake your mornings, article by Jessica Migala, I determined to pass the information on to you. Please read and offer your feedback; I am interested to know what you think. (For me, just so you know, I am especially fixated with the third highlight.)

When You Open Your Eyes… Practice a Pep Talk.

“Your thoughts significantly impact your energy levels for the day,” says psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, author of Better Than Perfect. If you could hold a microphone to you brain when you first wake up, what would it say? “It's too early.” “I'm so stressed.” Flip the script to something more positive: “Today, xyz is going to bring me joy.” If you need a reminder, stick a note to your nightstand—it’s that important.

When You Get Up… Open The Shades.

Natural light flips your brain’s switch from sleepy to awake, says Sabra Abbott, MD, PhD, a neurologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. “There is nothing better than sunlight,” she says. What’s more, a study published in the journal Sleep Health found that morning light exposure can help you snooze more soundly later that night, so you’ll likely feel better the next morning (and the next). If the sun’s rays are not an option because it’s still dark out, second best is turning on the lights to get as much bright light in the room as possible.

Stressful Emails

Even a five-minute phone check can suck you in, draining your mental energy, notes Julie Morgenstern (author of Time Management from the Inside Out). “Technology is constantly trying to pull you off course. If you start your day on your device, you’re starting it out in a reactive way,” she says, adding that emails can set off your internal alarms. Claim your morning as yours, and keep your device off for the first hour you’re awake.

Living with Eternal Intentionality

Is there an idea here that God wants to use to bring a breakthrough to your morning routine? If so, please elaborate.