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Do You Ever Think About Dying?

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Do You Ever Think About Dying? Do you ever think about the end of your life?

An argument (almost) inevitably erupts between Larry and me when the subject of death surfaces. On this topic he and I predictably disagree, and feelings escalate. Relentlessly, we quarrel over who gets to die first.

Winnie the Pooh’s poem softens the sentiments for us:

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one. I never want to live a day without you.”

Neither my beloved nor I can fathom life without the other, but face it, the decision is not ours to make. My days (and his) are numbered; I have no idea when my end will come. (Psalm 139:16)


Between now and then, I want each day to count. I want to wring every drop of purpose and meaning out of my temporal existence. But we ask, "How is that humanly possible?" I invite you to join me to revisit and further develop the thoughts from a previous blog: What Is Your Epithet?  

In our performance-oriented, pressure-driven world, you and I are left to doubt and question the validity of our efforts. How do we know that we are doing the right thing with our days? The Words of Jesus (Mark 14:8) meet us with invigorating encouragement: She did what she could.

Three guidelines pave the way for you and me to march today confidently toward our inevitable last day.

Guideline #1: Make Jesus our focus.

Determine that pleasing and serving Him is central for the whole of life. Imagine the lens of a sophisticated camera. As the photographer turns the black cylinder, the fuzziness disappears, and the correct image emerges as paramount. So it is when we fix our gaze is fixed on Him.  

Guideline #2: Live above the opinions of others.

Unfortunately, noise reduction headsets are not available for the harsh rebukes and judgmental opinions of others. Determine to rise above the racket, and do what He wants you to do. When you allow the Voice of Grace to silence the voices of criticism, this is what you will hear:

She did what she could. Acceptance from Jesus

She did what she could. Approval from Jesus

She did what she could. Affirmation from Jesus

Guideline #3 Give Him our best and give it now.

Don’t bargain on this point; don’t negotiate; don’t be stingy. For goodness sake, don’t withhold the best for later. Go ahead—give Him Your best. Now. Give Him the best of your day, the best of your calendar, the best of your possessions, the best place in your relationships. Pleasing the Savior is the supreme priority for any woman; worshipping Him is the ultimate pursuit transcending century and culture.

Perhaps you, too, want your living epithet to read: She did what she could.


Living With Eternal Intentionality

In today’s frantic frenzy, how are you challenged to make Jesus your focus?

When do the opinions of others dictate decisions on how you invest your life?

What is different when Jesus gets the best of your time and calendar?