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Will You Go to the Ocean with Me?


The ocean is a miraculous place. Sun, sand, beach umbrellas, flip-flops, and salty breezes coalesce to create an album of memories like none other. Right?

The ocean may or may not be a part of your summer plan. But I want to treat you to a visit to the seaside through the words of my granddaughter, Vera.

On a recent stay, I entered her cheerful room to tuck this energetic little lady in for the night. However, our bedtime routine paused, and another conversation blossomed. With sparkling eyes, Vera opened the top drawer of her turquoise dresser, and enthusiastically said, “Oh, Gammy, these are some of the books I have written! Choose which ones you want to read. Here…this one is my book of poems.”

Sensing her joy, I offered my hands and accepted the proud accomplishments of this second-grader. Then, I kissed her goodnight, smiled, and slipped from her room.

Downstairs I discovered that the simple yellow cover belied the collection of treasures. On one page after another, captivating word pictures poured forth. I journeyed through the creative poetic expressions of my granddaughter, and savored a rich literary feast from one wise beyond her years.

With her permission, a sample is offered here for your enjoyment. I invite you to read without haste, and to read several times. Perhaps you will even smell the salty air.

The Ocean

The wind starts to blow.

Then the water wakes up.

The waves play tag while shells get tossed up and down.

The ocean is awake.             

-Vera, 8 years old


Living With Eternal Intentionality

When is the last time you felt an ocean breeze blowing in your face?

What thoughts does the memory provoke?

How does the vastness of the ocean expand your concept of God?

The sea is His; He made it (Psalm 95:5).